screw flights in perfection for screw conveyers of all kinds

screw flights for:

conveying, mixing, drilling, measuring, crushing, drying, cooling, heating, moisturizing, transporting while simultaneously mixing

cylindrical screw flights

in varying sizes for screw conveyers like:

  • tubular feed screws
  • u-trough screws
  • omega feed screws
  • drill screws

conical screw flights

in varying executions for press screws and mixers like:

  • conical within
  • conical outside
  • conical within and outside
  • different pitches

other screw flights

strictly after Your requests and specifications like:

  • toothed at the outer diameter
  • with different recesses
  • with bridges at the inner diameter
  • different paddle shapes

Different materials and surface qualities in hot rolled, cold rolled, foiled and sanded executions.

We inform regarding material quality, wear and tear and execution of the screw flights.

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